Canada 2013

Day 16

June 30

  As soon as my eyes pop open, I am up and at it. I generally have things sorted the night before so vacating a room is a pretty quick operation for me.  
  My main company this morning are the trains and they seem to go on forever.  
  The temperatures are quite pleasant and I really enjoy that. I figure the closer I get to the Holler, the more I'll be wishing for some of this weather.  
  It looks like it will be another beautiful sunrise I'll get the privilege of experiencing on the road.  
  I notice an old homestead and wonder how far it used to be from a passable road before the interstate was built.  
  Further along I see some real cowboys that are wearing cowboy hats - not just another 'hat act'.  
  The road is a little rough, but I guess the hard winters take a heavy toll on the highways up here.  
  At least if road construction is any indication as I hit yet another construction zone followed by ...  
  another construction zone.  
  I see this interesting old stone farm house and barn and it appears that someone built it to last for a long time.  
  I haven't had breakfast and I have been seeing the signs for Wall Drugs for a while. I've been through this area many times but never stopped. So I decide today is the day since I'm in need of gas and breakfast and all I have waiting on me is a motel room. It's not too far off the interstate and it appears to be quite busy.  
  But they have a nice buffet and lots of seating area and know how to handle large crowds. I get in, get my grub, and find a seat a lot quicker than I first thought that I would.  
  The food is good and it is plentiful and I'm the man for the job.  
  I meet with the challenge and quickly bring the subject into submission.  
  It's a pretty neat tourist type place with lots of pictures and interesting exhibits like...  
  Mr. Bear and ...  
  Mr. Buffalo of whom I met their relatives numerous times in the Yukon and BC.  
  They have stuff for kids to do also so they can get their likeness captured - for a price.  
  Soon it's time to move on, but I wonder if I have waited too late judging by the 'age' of this creature ...  
  This construction zone seems to go on forever but ...  
  finally I break out in to clear again.  
  When I pass by this place, I remember it from a previous ride. It is old western movie set that has been preserved and now is a tourist stop.  
  Further down the road, I pass a cattle herd. I grew up around cattle, but we never had a herd anywhere close to this size.  
  Soon it's time for another fuel stop as I enter South Dakota.  
  South Dakota has a surprising number of lakes as I discovered one year when I rode across it.  
  And they also have some pretty strange 'sculptures' along the road.  
  When I come to this junction, I try to recall how many times have I been through it but my fingers and toes are busy so I fail miserably.  
  As I head south toward Nebraska and Missouri, there's a nice river that runs along the road for a while.  
  Pretty soon I am in the thick of farming country.  
  Then I approach the outskirts of Omaha proper.  
  As I get into town, I see these things and they make me want to scratch my head. Their symbolism escapes my simple mind, nevertheless I'm sure some artist got paid good money for them.  
  As I get to the other side of town, I do see a form of more pedestrian art that I can understand - a water tower made into coffee pot. It is both functional and artful and I bet the price was quite a bit lower than the previous objects.  
  As I enter into Missouri, the land flattens out even more and fields get larger and larger.  
  Large enough in fact for a crop duster to ply his trade successfully.  
  It's been a long day, but I believe I will beat the sun down to my motel.  
  I decide since this is my last night on the road, that I will treat myself at the Red Lobster. It's a short walk from my motel and about the best thing going on in this area.  

I'm quickly seated and my server comes to my table. She says -

"My name is Christy and I'll be serving you tonight. I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box but I will try hard."

I tell her, "Well, I'm not either so we should be just fine."

You can tell that she has had some challenges in life but she is still in the hunt. And I can't remember when I have had better service from anyone in a restaurant. The food is excellent and she makes my meal very enjoyable with her constant attention to whatever I need.

  Then she 'forces' me to order dessert and boy is it a dandy!  
  And following my mother's rules, I'm sure to clean my plate. In fact I almost pick it up and lick it but I know that would be in bad taste in a public place.  
  Needless to say, Miss Christy gets a nice tip and I also stop by and tell the manager what an asset she is to her place. Then I waddle slowly back to my room with 'breakfast' in hand since I boxed some of supper to have room for dessert. Before long, the eyelids fall over the eyes from the weight of supper and I find resistance futile.