Highway 50 2017

Day 01

June 16

  With all of the medical 'challenges' I've had the last few months, I am more than ready to hit the road and get my head into the wind. For this trip, I decide that Frost will get the honors. I leave the house really early for work so that I can head out about lunch time.  
  My plan is to meet Andy over on the east side near the Cracker Barrel. He doesn't know how many 400 mile days he has in him for this trip, but we will see. Nashville traffic is heavy, but I manage to weave my way through it with no drama.  
  Andy is riding his Ducati Scrambler which not exactly a long distance motorcycle. But he's made a lot of modifications that hopefully will help him on this trip.  
  We hit Knoxville right at the edge of evening rush hour but get through it in one piece. The lack of attention that is given to the task of driving while under the wheel makes me a bit nervous in heavy traffic situations.  
  Finally the road opens up and we're after it like duck on a June Bug.  
  There are two particular things that stir my heart when I am one the road - one is a beautiful display of the Cross and the other is the Flag. Both have provided me with a wonderful life that without them would be impossible.  
  As we move into Virginia, up ahead does not look good.  
  Fortunately, as the bottom falls out there is a bridge for us to shelter under and get our rain gear on.  
  And as usual, about ten miles down the road, the sun pops out and all is dry. I have learned that such is the vulgarity of the road. If I don't put on the rain suit, I'll drown and my boots fill with water. If I do, the sun will pop out a few miles down the road and I'll bake in a bag. So we are both glad to see this sign.  
  I get Frost bedded down for the evening before I drag my stuff into the motel. I've about got it down to a science, as I carry most everything I need in the room in a waterproof bag strapped to the back seat. The drill is simple - unstrap and grab the bag, grab the laptop and full cover out of the trunk, cover the bike and I'm good to go.  
  One thing I don't like to do is to have to get back on the bike to get supper after riding all day. So I try my best to book a motel with at least some sort of food in walkable distance. Here, the closest is Burger King, so they win our business by default.  
  The burger and fries are not bad - especially when you wash them down with a chocolate milkshake. We hit the bed early as we've got a longer day tomorrow and need to after it as soon as we can.