Highway 6 2021

Day 13

July 3


Since I didn't take a day 'off' on this ride, I purposely made this a 'shorter' day by design. I figured I'd be dragging by now and I am. It is so nice to see the green again after all the brown and dry as I start my day.

  At Conway, I leave I40 for back roads so that I can bypass the train wreck in Memphis created by the broken bridge. Highway 64 will be the first one that I follow up to cross the Mississippi River on I155.  

When I see this sign I have to wonder -

"Do two norths trump one east?"

  It sure is nice to be out in the country after two long days on the slab.  
  Their corn crop looks pretty good here also.  
  As I make my way across Arkansas, I do run across some interesting town names like this one ...  
  and this one.  
  After a bit of twisting and turning I get across the mighty Mississippi ...  
  on I155 which is somewhat north of Memphis and will take me around Dyersburg.  
  Then it's continue on Highway 412 which takes me back to I40 on the other side of Memphis.  
  Once I get back to I40, I can count the mile markers to the Holler as I have made this run more times than I can remember. This trip has been a few miles short of 7,000 but quite the ride as far as mental and physical endurance is concerned. Before long I'm back at my beloved Holler and tonight I will be sleeping in my own bed. It has truly been an adventure and that is a good thing. If we do not have adventures, then our lives can easily become ruts. And ruts are just a grave with the ends kicked out.