History 2019

Day 11

May 26

  Today will just be a haul down I81 after church to Wytheville, VA where we stayed on the way up. But breakfast is easy as we just walk across the street to enjoy some more fine food at the Middlesex Diner.  
  We have a nice leisurely breakfast as it is a short ride to the Great Hope Baptist Church. It's nestled in a quiet community on a back street.  
  The founding pastor has retired and his son is now the pastor. The retired pastor still teaches and he is our Sunday School teacher this morning. It is a sweet congregation and they go out of their way to be friendly and encouraging. Being a church musician, I really enjoy their fine music program with two pianos and an organ, which is unusual in my experience. The sermon is uplifting and encouraging and refreshes my road weary soul.  
  But we've got miles to go before we sleep, so we wish them well and begin our journey south. Once again as we make our way to the interstate, I see another group of fine row houses.  
  They all appear to be in a really good state of repair which is usually not the case for older structures like this. Each one has it's own unique design which is pretty interesting to me.  
  And every now and then we pass by an old manse that has been well taken care of and stands as a silent testimony to the quality with which it was constructed.  
  Far too soon, we are back on I81 - trucker's alley - and so we will be for the rest of the day.  
  At least we do get to go by some interesting old farmsteads to relieve the constant whine of the truck wheels and the monotony of the concrete.  
  I am always amazed when I see signs like this as to just how they got that thing up there - and how they keep it up there.  
  When I see this sign, I'm sadly sure that it is not an exit to that lovely land across the pond where I truly love to ride.  
  We pass other old farms nestled at the feet of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  
  Somewhere up there the Blue Ridge Parkway runs quietly along the ridges and mountain tops.  
  We arrive at the motel just as the sun begins to set and for that we are thankful.  
  We get our stuff hauled in and I put Frost to bed for the evening.  
  Supper is easy as next door is that excellent Shoneys. We all go for the supper buffet as it is very good. And what better way to finish it off than a bowl of blackberry cobbler topped with chocolate softserve!  

Since tomorrow is Memorial Day and traffic will probably be crazy, we talk about the ride back. Sissy says -

"If I wake up early like I have been doing, I'll probably just pack up and head for the house. If you don't see my little blue car, you know I'm gone."

We decide that we will pack up and hit Shoney's for breakfast just as soon as they open so we can get a head start on the madness. With that in my head and that lovely dessert in my tummy, I'm soon on the road to Sleepyland.