Newfoundland 2022

Day 02

July 15

  The main reason I picked this particular Super 8 is because I have stayed here before and up the street a ways is the Capitol Diner.  
  They are the 'real' deal and I know I will get an excellent breakfast there to start off my long day.  
  And as always, they do not disappoint with the food or the service. When I am on the road, I usually try to get a good breakfast first thing then snack until I get to my lodging for the evening. And this meal certainly qualifies!
  I'll be on I81 for a while before I hit I84 and continue my way to Bangor, Maine. I'd much rather be riding back roads than the slab and taking my time. But it's almost 2,000 miles to where I will board the ferry to Newfoundland so I have got to be there on time.
  And if you ever wondered where your hometown is, it's right next to Mahanoy City. Who woulda thought it?
  When I see this sign, somehow I think I have a bit farther to go than 2 miles ...
  Soon I leave I81 and venture onto I84 for about 170 miles until I reach 'toll land' on I90. I still think it should be against the law to charge a toll on the interstates which were built mostly with federal tax dollars from what I understand.
  It's time to feed SweetTreat so I find a small local station just off the interstate. I'm glad to see they are flying the Flags on proud display.
  Just across the road is an old abandoned stone house. I wonder what tales it could tell and what the stories there are within its walls.
  When I get back to the slab, I have to conclude that these people don't seem to understand that I've got a long way to go and a short time to get there.
  Soon it's into Connecticut and I remember using this particular sign for SweetTreat, the bike I am riding on this adventure, as one of her state line pictures.
  And here we go again stuck in another major traffic jam.
  But this one comes with a surprise - Mr. Estes decides to swap lanes without looking and I am forced to run off the road to keep from being a greasy spot. I can see his mirrors so I know he could see me if he had bothered to look.
  I spot this interesting dome and have to wonder if it is really gold or not. If so, it is worth a small fortune in today's economy.
  Soon I am on the short portion of the 'toll' road and fortunately they are doing it by license plate photography instead of manual payment. Time will tell if they will go to the trouble of billing me when I get back to the Holler. The postage and effort will probably cost more than the toll.
  Then I290 takes me to ...
  I495 which will allow me to miss Boston and the ensuing traffic - or so I think.
  But I have 'thinked' wrong as it is a constant stop and go which takes me about 3 hours to go 30 miles. What is interesting is there are no accidents, no construction and no policemen. A driver is moving right along, then they slam on their brakes for some unknown reason and the reaction is eventually drivers far enough back come to a complete halt. Then they take off again and the same thing happens - rinse and repeat. This is when I really wish lane splitting was an option so I could get out of this dangerous mess.
  When I finally get to I95 and their manual 'extraction' process ...
  I get to deal with the craziness of the merge after paying.
  Finally I reach my last state line of the day and ...
  get a little breathing room. I enjoy the peace and quiet as I head for Bangor.
  Since I have so much camping gear, I also ask this desk clerk for a room close to the door and explain why. Well, once again their definition of 'close' and my definition of 'close' are not even 'close'. But at least they have a luggage cart so I can ferry all my stuff in one trip without the wear and tear on my 'new' shoulders.
  After the traffic craziness of the day, I just give up on supper. I need rest more than I need food so I set the AC to a temperature appropriate for hanging meat and collapse into a comatose pile for the evening.