Newfoundland 2022

Day 07

July 20

I always chose this stop when I can because of the excellent Shoneys Restaurant next door. Their food bars are always well maintained and fresh and have excellent choices for both breakfast and supper. I have found that Shoneys in smaller towns are really good but in larger towns they can be not so good. In fact, they are closed in Nashville where I live except one unit.  
I get there a little bit before opening time so I can get some grub soon. This will be my first real 'sit down' meal since I left Nova Scotia on Monday.  
As always, they have an excellent selection of hen fruit, pig meats, and taters - what more could a man want for breakfast?  
They even have some fresh tomatoes and gravy and biscuits to add to the enjoyment.  
And how better to celebrate my last day on the road than with some fried toast fingers smothered in sweet strawberries and sauce.  
After I settle up, it's back to the road for the last stretch of this trip.  
When I see this sign, I have to say I am mighty thankful after all that has transpired in the last few days.  
From the I40 sign, I can start counting the mile markers sign since I live 2 miles from exit 199 on I40 West.  
I arrive back in the Holler and it is hotter than blazes, but I've still got to unload SweetTreat and the rest of my stuff.  
Thanks to the excellent job that Tri-County Towing did to fasten SweetTreat down, she has not moved any at all though we've been over some pretty nasty roads.  
I fortunately have some ramps so I set them up and my lovely wife helps me get SweetTreat down out of the truck and into her place in the garage without too much drama. With the truck unloaded and swept out, Sharyn follows me to the local UHaul where Big Bertha and I part company.  

We get back to the Holler and I stretch out in my recliner for a much needed nap. And as Dorothy said in the 'Wizard Of Oz' -

'There's No Place Like Home!'