For those who might be interested, I'll try to keep this area current with what my near future rides are and other such trivia. If I'm going to be in your area, drop me an e-mail at UnclePhilus@hotmail.com and if possible we can grab a bite to eat. Hope to see you on the road!


Planned Rides And Such

1. The arterial clearing surgery on my left leg did not work long as the leg blockage came back. It was painful but not bad enough to stop me from riding. On November 11th, 2019 I went into the hospital for a arterial bypass around the blockage to restore proper circulation to the lower part of my left leg. I recovered enough that I took a little 'experimental' ride the day after Christmas. My circulation was as good in the left leg as the 'normal' right leg at my last checkup in January. But recently I threw another blood clot that blocked the new 'plumbing' so I am back where I was before the last surgery.

2. The ride to the Blue Ridge Gathering at Cruso, NC is an annual event that I have hosted for the last nineteen years. Nothing formal, just some folks meeting up to ride and eat, and eat and ride. We meet at the Moonshine Campground near Sylva, NC and folks seem to have a good time. We had over 20 folks show up this year even with the Covid issues. Thursday and Friday were good riding days but we canceled the Saturday ride due to the constant rain and abundance of wet leaves. We had a wonderful Saturday supper at the campground this year which is a great change from our usual plans. I am really looking forward to doing it all again next year for the twentieth time.

3. My knees are doing just fine and I can honestly say that I would not know that I had a replacement if it were not for the scars and some activities that I avoid to prolong the life of the implants. Currently I am walking four miles a day as I recover from my leg bypass surgery. I am hoping work my way back up to five miles in time.

4. I've been sticking close to the Holler other than work lately due to the Covid-19. With restrictions being lifted, it was past time to get some air in my ears.

5. I've finished writing up my quick trip out West to finish up the 48 states for BlueBelle. Come along for the ride here.

6. I just finished a short ride to honor a friend.

7. The story of my ride to see my dear friend C.B. and make a special delivery is here.

If all goes as planned, I will make the run down Highway 6 this summer in June. And now that BlueBelle is fixed up to suit me, I've visited the lower 48 states and almost have the map filled in. I'm closing in on the goal with only Alaska left to visit. So keep tuned in, cause you just never know where I might show up ....

You can reach me at UnclePhilus@hotmail.com anytime as I check it daily unless I'm on the road. If you have questions about the site, or touring, places I've been or such, I'll be glad to share what little I know. Thanks for stopping by!