Alaska 2023

Day 12

July 19


The nice thing about retirement is I don't have to be in a big rush. Today I just plan on laying around and resting like a big fat hog. I've already got breakfast 'in hand' so I don't have to go out. It's two really good breakfast 'bowls' from Jimmy Deans.

  BlueBelle also gets a day of rest which she probably enjoys. I decide instead of riding to Fairbanks and revisiting Denali I will ride to Anchorage and spend time there. It's a much shorter ride, you usually can't see Denali anyway and I've already done it before. So I get online and 'rearrange' my reservations and my routes on my GPS to reflect my new intentions.  
  I keep an eye out on the float plane basin hoping I'll be able to get a shot of one taking off.  
  But it seems the wind is coming in from the opposite direction so they are taking off away from where I am instead of coming this way.  
  I watch them as they rev up their super loud engines and head out in the opposite direction from me.  
  Lunch is a bit like supper last night - a ham and cheese sandwich with tater chips - but it's just fine with me once again.  
  I do get a shot of float plane but it is as it turns around and comes back in this direction. You sure hear them a long time before you see them and I can't imagine how loud it must be in the cockpit.  
  I have to chuckle as the picture above my bed as it sort of sums up what I am doing today - especially the bear in the front.  
  Later in the day, the rain moves in so I am rather pleased that I am not out in it.  
  Super is just like super last night and lunch today - a ham and cheese sandwich and chips. But it's good and fresh and fills the empty spot and I didn't have to get out in the rain to go get it. Tomorrow it's back on the road for another short day of a little over 220 miles to get to Anchorage. I'll be traveling for a good while on roads I've already covered but the scenery makes it well worth it. I fall into a peaceful slumber following a road that I have traveled many, many times. The scenery is not much along it but the destination is wonderful.