Come with me on one of the most challenging rides I have ever taken. I revisit Alaska for the fourth time to see some places I have not seen before and to snag the final stateline for BlueBelle.    
Today I head to grab a final stateline for BlueBelle
I once again wonder how many sunrises
Soon I am at Portal the gateway into Canada
Highway 16, known as the Yellowhead
I have to wonder what happened to the chickens
The old grated bridge which is 1466 miserable feet long
Then the road turns into a disaster
Before I can say "What happened?'
As I walk up to the front door I see the sign
It's a lovely ride out to Homer
Ain't nobody in a hurry in Seldovia
Today I just plan on laying around
You are definitely a brave woman to want to do this
What you do not see, do not hear, do not experience ...
Little do I know the profound impact that decision will make
Well you almost made it
Then I am confronted with a harsh reality
I remember that I left a breakfast burrito in my saddlebag
Do you ever get any rest?
My name is Hollis
Maggie has decided to take a wait and see approach
This stuff is really slick isn't?
The latter kind of negates the former
To provide me with some minor amusement
There were some times I wondered if I was going to make it