Alaska 2023

Day 24

July 31


Today is just a slab day, I90 to Sioux Falls then hang a right on I29 to Kansas City for 680 miles. I've got my riding position figured out by now so I can ride without a tremendous amount of pain from my ribs. I'm out at good sunrise to get after the business at hand.

  It's a nasty fog as I leave out of Rapid City but it is what it is.  
  Then to provide me with some minor amusement, here come some more of the Wall Drug signs.  
  They extol the various virtues of the place ...  
  and the absolute necessity of stopping there ...  
  for anything and everything that you could possibly ...  
  ever need or want ...  
  as you make your way down this lonesome bit of interstate.  
  They really turn it up a notch as you near the exit.  
  And just in case you missed it they warn you that this is your last chance to be rescued from your awful state of need and want.  
  I have stopped before and found that their food was actually quite good and definitely plenteous. But I am not going to avail myself of their wares today.  
  I90 across South Dakota is pretty void of traffic and I really don't mind that at all.  
  As I pass by, I remember that this complete town was built for some western movie. The movie failed but the property owners kept it up and now it is a tourist attraction. Over the years they moved original historic buildings from other areas and reassembled them here.  
  It's time for BlueBelle and me to take a break so I pull into a Pilot along the way.  
  I get back after it as I have a ways still to go and it's just me, BlueBelle and the slab as it stretches out before us.  
  I pass by this interesting railroad bridge that stretches quite a long way.  

Then I come to these modern monsters sitting like they are waiting for their next victim.

  I do hit another construction zone but al least it ain't gravel and for that I am thankful. I've about enjoyed all the gravel and construction zones on this trip that my heart and body can stand.  
  Something you don't see back east is these double rigs. You see the shorter pups but out here they run two full length trailers in tandem.  
  Soon I cross over into Iowa right at Sioux City and I know I've only got about 250 more miles to cover for the day.  
  Then I am back in another construction zone but at least the pavement is smooth and the traffic is moving and there are no pilot trucks to be seen.  
  I always have to laugh at this water tower and give the Saap Brothers credit for being original in their promotional efforts.  
  Today I'm just clicking off states one by one and I ease into Missouri which will be the last one for the day.  

Their corn looks good and again I wonder if this crop will end up on somebody's dinner plate or in somebody's fuel tank.

  I have to chuckle at this road sign because I've come along way but not that far. But at least the direction is right.  
  Soon I pull into my Super 8 Motel for the evening just north of Kansas City.  
  I ask the clerk if there's some place nearby I can get super and she directs me to a nearby dining establishment. When I make my drink request (a half gallon of ice water), my server takes me seriously and brings me a pitcher and a big glass of ice.  
  One of their house specialties is country fried steak and mashed taters smothered in gravy. I go for it and I am not at all disappointed. It is very tender and very tasty ...  
  and I leave no fragment behind.  
  I waddle back to my room and collapse into a food coma and it's not a far journey til it's lights out for me.