Alaska 2023

Day 25

August 1

  I'm now on the home stretch after 24 days on the road. If I encounter no drama, I should be back in my beloved Holler tonight.  
  It's 600 miles but it's all interstate and I've rode this particular route many times.  
  I'm encouraged as I pass by a big American Flag. I've been in quite a few other countries and for all of her faults, the United States is still the best one around.  
  It sure looks like I'm fixin' to get wet but I put off suiting up at this point.  
  I make it to a Love's still in the dry and get BlueBelle filled up for the next part of the dash home.  
  I also manage to snag a couple of good breakfast biscuits for me since I hit the road early this morning.  
  I decide since I am already stopped to go ahead and gear up for rain cause it looks like I am headed right into it. And it's the right call because just a few minutes later down the road I'm in it.  
  But when I run out of I decide to keep my rain gear on. That way if I hit some more wet weather I can just ride on without stopping.  
  Soon I cross over into Illinois and I know it's not too many miles along the way til ...  
  I'll see this sign and know I'm only 200 miles from my Holler.  
  I wave to Superman as I usually do when I pass by Metropolis.  
  As I cross over into Kentucky I see an unfortunate big rig wreck. I can't figure out if he ran off the interstate or the exit ramp but I don't guess it really matters at this point.  
  Soon I'm across the Tennessee River and then ...  
  across the Cumberland River which form the two side boundaries of the area called the Land Between the Lakes.  
  I see my final state line sign for the day and I am might glad of it. From here it is less than 60 miles to the end of my journey.  
  I arrive home and get BlueBelle pulled back into the garage. I figure I'll unpack her tomorrow after I get some much needed rest. It's good to be back home as there were some times I was wondering if I was going to be able to make it.  

The Rest Of The Story

I made an appointment with my primary care physician to see what was going on with my ribs. After an examination and an X-ray, ribs number 5 & 6 were broken on my left side as I suspected. Fortunately they did not separate and puncture anything, so they will heal back by themselves.