Canada 2013

Day 12

June 26

  It looks like it's going to be a rainy day all day long. I wander downstairs and see the local police, who spoke last night at the meeting, have ridden their new Victory Police Specials over. Their department was using ST1300s but Honda Canada decided to no longer support the police market so they swapped to Victory Motorcycles.  

Keith and Ellen plan on going out for a ride in their rental car and graciously ask me if I would like to go along. I tell them -

"It sure works for me if you don't mind. I'm not interested in riding in the rain."

So soon we are out about on four wheels to explore the area.

  We take Highway 14 that runs along the coast and it's a nice run. And it just so happens there is nice little snack shop along the way. The food is good but the dessert is better!  
  Miss Ellen has been doing some research and she is told not to miss the beach at Juan De Fuca park. So we go to the end of the road, park the cage, and set out for a nice walk through the forest and down to the ocean front.  
  It's still raining, but the heavy forest keeps most of the rain back. It's peaceful and quiet back here and I really enjoy it. I grew up in the country so walking in the woods is something that brings back happy memories.  
  Every now and then we come to a clearing in the woods and get a good view of the craggy rock formations along the coast.  
And when we can, we wander down to rocky beach for a closer look.  
  There are some strange tree growths which makes me wonder if we have wandered into the Enchanted Forest or something similar.  
  We come to the end of trail before long and start our short journey back to civilization. Along the way we see surfers waiting to catch the next big wave.  
  It's nice to have time to talk with Keith about old times and my upcoming trip to New Zealand. He's ridden around the islands three times so I value his input. I'd much rather get advice from somebody that has done it rather than from somebody that has read a book about doing it. And along the way, we get to see beautiful scenes from the dry security of the rental car.  
  This is a 'quiet' day for WeSToc with nothing major planned. However, Tim and Diana Graham, WeSToc hosts, have invited Keith, Ellen and I to a dinner they are hosting for a couple that won a dinner at the giveaway last night. I can't sing, I can't dance, and it's too windy to haul rocks, so I figure I'll tag along. It's a nice stroll from the hotel and I'm up for a walk anyway. It's a pretty swanky place called Markus Restaurant in a re-purposed house. The service and the food is quite nice and we have an enjoyable time together.  
  But all of this rain has made me a sleepy boy, so I wish my fine company a good evening and go back to check out my pillow stock. With a full tummy, I'm out quicker than a boxer taking a dive.