Canada 2013

Day 13

June 27

  It's still raining, but I just I feel the need to ride. So about good daybreak, I'm out and on my way. It'll be a short run over some of the ground we covered yesterday.  
  I just love to get out early and have the road all to myself. The quiet of the morning and undisturbed experience is like a good tonic for my being.  
  And I just really hate it when I'm on a motorcycle and see signs like this ...  
  There are some pretty good bends but I'm extra careful since there is so much liquid sunshine on the asphalt. This would not be a good place to test the impact resistance of Canadian pavement.  
  When I see these breakers I think yesterday's surfers would be doing better if they were here today.  
  We couldn't find the 'loop' road to Port Renfrew yesterday, but since it's just me, I do a bit of exploring. It's a lot easy to do an about face on a bike than a car. And after a few of them, I find the treasure I am seeking.  
  It's a really pretty ride through the back country on the narrow twisty road ...  
  with some places more narrow than others.  
  The clouds seem to shroud the area in a surreal quiet that suits me just fine.  
  As I cross a bridge, I see these beautiful animals enjoying a leisurely breakfast. I move along quietly so they can finish their meal in peace.  
  It's a place of serene lakes and lovely ridges, reminding me a lot of Scotland.  

But this sign wakes me up pretty quickly as it says

'CAUTION :Active Logging Road Next 38 KM'

In a match up between a motorcycle and logging truck, the logging truck always has right of weight.

  But then comes another one of those twisty road signs that so disappoint me ...  
  And this one is mighty close to being accurate.  
  I determine that this is not a place for a feller to decide to wander off the road - unless they would like to go for a not so refreshing swim with a hard landing.  
  At least the cloud cover seems to be breaking up so there is hope that I will ride out of the rain before too much longer.  
  I try to keep my eyes open for wildlife, but this little deer surprises me as he darts. The way he jumps down the road, I think he must be on pogo sticks.  
  When I get to Lake Cowichan, I encounter another construction zone which reminds me I am back in so called civilization.  
  It's a rainy run back down the main highway to the hotel, but I've enjoyed my ride of about 150 miles in the peace and quiet.  
  I tuck Frost in for the day, figuring she will need the rest before we head out tomorrow on the long journey home.  
  Tonight is the WeSToc Banquet and they get all the folks out on the patio for a big group picture.  
  There are various presentations and giveaways, not to mention a delicious meal. And somehow, though I seldom win anything, I win a new tire from Dunlop who is one of the sponsors for the evening. Conversations run on into the evening, but I've got some major miles to cover in the next four days. So I head back to my room to start packing and prepping for the journey.  

On the way back up, I run into this lovely poochie dog. He can tell that I am an experienced poochie dog petter, so he avails himself of my expertise. I hear him say

"I'll give you 30 minutes to stop that."

Or least that is what I understood him to say. But fussy people want the elevator to move so we break it up.

  I get my things arranged so I can get out of here quickly in the morning. My goal is to catch the earliest ferry I can, as I have a pretty good ride to do tomorrow. With my business tended to, I find the place of restful repose quite quickly.