Highway 50 2017

Day 06

June 21

  Well, it's back to Perkins for breakfast and I get there before the hired help.  
  They are flying a large holiday flag which I really appreciate. I remember being on color detail at Camp LeJeune trying to take one of those down. The wind was blowing and it just about took the whole detail off the ground before we got a hold of the flag.  
  I order an omelet, bacon, and taters as is my usual road 'breakfast'. And it is really good except ...  
  it somehow disappears off the plate. It must be those strong Kansas winds blowing - at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  
  I go back and get Frost all packed up and we're ready to roll again.  
  Highway 50 jumps on I35 just south of Kansas City and I'll be on it for a little while this morning. So I try to make as good time as I can without incurring the ire of the local constabulary.  
  Finally, Highway 50 goes her own way and for that I am thankful.  
  While crossing Kansas, I see all types of buildings from this fine old house in Emporia ...  
  to a little less impressive structure in a field ...  
  to an old church nestled on a quiet lane.  
  Every where I look I see fields of hay ...  
  and giant grain elevators sprouting up alongside the railroad.  
  Before long, it's time for Frost and me to take a break in the middle of nowhere Kansas..  

I can't help but notice that they sell Hunt Brothers Pizza. When I go inside to settle up, I tell the lady behind the counter -

"That's kind of funny that you sell Hunt Brothers Pizza. I'm from Nashville, Tennessee and their main office is just one exit down from where I work. And I know several of the guys that work there."

She laughs and thinks that's pretty interesting also.

  But it's back out into the heat and the land of interesting sights. I don't know what caused it, but these trees seem to have all died from the same cause while others around them are just fine.  
  A little further along. I see these old railroad water towers - at least that's what I think. They maybe be obsolete grain loading stations for all that I know.  
  And out here where the land is flat and the wind always blows, are more of those unsightly 'mushrooms' as I call them. I think the fungus that they feed on is probably dollars in this case.  
  As I ride into Spearville, I notice their sign and they indeed are home to more wind turbines than I can count.  
  In every direction I look, I see them spread out across the land.  
  Soon I leave Spearville behind for the city limits of Dodge City. On my trip back in 2004, I had ridden Highway 50 from Sacramento to Dodge City before turning south to head to the Holler. So from here on, I'll be riding on somewhat familiar ground.  
  Well into Dodge City, I see something that will be good to dodge as hay debris is flying backward on me.  
  Just outside of Garden City is a wind turbine depot. The railroad improved the tracks so that more parts could be shipped by train. Here are the 'stalks' ...  
  then the blades ...  
  then the nose cones ...  
  then some more blades. You don't really get a feel for the size of these monsters until you pass a facility like this one.  
  And in Garden City, Highway 50 is indeed the Main Street of the USA.  
  Outside of town I see a sign that I don't know if the cows would agree to or not - definitely not the ones that advertise for Chick-Fil-A!!  
  And in case you missed it the first time, Highway 50 is still the Main Street of the USA - in Syracuse also.  
  Out of town, I see this and figure it must be a supersized chicken house of which the Chick-Fil-A cows would be proud.  
  Near the border of Colorado and Kansas stands this old building. I wonder if it was a stage coach outpost at one time.  
  Soon I am in Colorful Colorado and still on Highway 50.  
  But the clouds up ahead don't look too welcoming. The though of putting on a rain suit in this heat sort of curdles my liver so I figure I'll just ride on.  
  Fortunately, Highway 50 just skirts the storm and I escape with a few drops in a few places.  
  But it is a little warm as I pass by the local bank.  
  I can't tell if this is all original, but it sure is pretty to behold.  
  Once I get out of town, the cloud that I avoided earlier seems intent on pursuing me.  
  But I see a little blue up ahead and figure I will just ride on and take my chances.  
  After the heat and the constant threat of storms, I am a happy camper to see my abode for the evening in Pueblo.  
  When I try to park in the parking lot, it is so sloped that I cannot get Frost up on the center stand. So I make an executive decision to park on the sidewalk next to the building. I tell the lady behind the desk and explain that it is not in anybody's way. She sort of mumbles something which I don't understand but I take for a 'yes' and go on.  
  When I check out the area, there is a Subway across the four lane. But since I don't feel like dodging speeding cars, I pick the Dairy Queen just up from the motel.  
  They do a good job on the burgers and fries and I decide to go for a real chocolate milk shake after all of the heat of the day. A little sweetening always does a body good after a meal, or least I think so.  
  It's back to the room and out of the heat as I have the AC turned up enough to hang beef safely. Tomorrow will be interesting as I plan on riding up to the top of Pikes Peak. I don't know if my carbureted ST1100 will make it, but we will find out tomorrow. With those thoughts rattling around in my empty noggin, I wander off to the land of slumber with ease.