Highway 50 2017

Day 12

June 27

  Today will be the longest day of the entire trip, covering almost 780 miles. So I get Frost loaded and ready for the long slog on towards the Holler.  
  It's a short ride over to the Cracker Barrel next door and I am waiting when they come to open the place up.  
  While I wait, more company shows up. It is rather unusual to see both versions of 3 wheeled bikes in one place so I snap a shot while I can.  
  With breakfast taken care of, my next meal will be when I arrive at the motel for the evening. I find my my way back to the road for today - I40.  
  It's long, straight and dry as it makes its way across Arizona.  
  But there are some Interesting sights along the way ...  
  to break up the grind.  
  Before long, I cross over into New Mexico ...  
  which has its share of interesting places too.  
  But then the trouble begins as some of the most fierce crosswinds I have ever encountered come into play.  
  I can't tell if it's a dust storm or a tornado or what, but I know it is kicking Frost and me around quite a bit.  
  Finally it's time for a much needed break.  
  But when I return to the slab, the winds have not lightened up a bit. My arms get weary of trying to keep Frost between the white lines as the gusts are strong and relentless.  
  I hope when I cross over into Texas that the winds will die down, but that ain't happening today.  
  At least the wind turbines are getting a good workout along with me.  
  At my next rest break, I spot this interesting 'carhenge' and  
  and old roadster next to them. It seems sort of like a waste of a car that could be restored but then it is what it is.  
  I get encouraged when I see the big Cross once again just outside of Amarillo  
  And then there's the Britten Leaning Tower Of Water.  
  Further down the road looks like an old grain loading station is slowly being taken over by decay and neglect.  
  Finally I cross over the last state line for the evening.  
  But wind gives me no quarter. You've got to figure if Holiday Flag is full out from the pole those are some kind of strong winds.  
  It's been a tough day after 500+ miles of fierce crosswinds and it's late because I've crossed two time zones so I lost 2 hours. I am so very glad to pull into this motel lot for sure.  
  My supper option is next door and it turns out to be just barely okay. But at least they are open late and it's close. When I make it back to my room, I think I fall asleep before my head even hits the pillow.