Highway 50 2017

Day 13

June 28

  I hope to be spending the night in my own bed though it's still over 750 miles away. My breakfast options are not pleasant after last night's supper so I load Frost early and we're off.  
  It's back to I40 and the route is simple - stay on it until I get close to the Holler.  
  But this morning it is right into the sunrise which is a little tough on the old peepers even with good sunglasses.  
  As I ride across Oklahoma, I suddenly realize that there is a very serious literacy crisis sweeping the United States. Based on this sign and ...  
  and this sign, and the position of all the vehicles in the left lane, they obviously cannot read and comprehend simple instructions. Maybe it's the big words of seven letters that confuse them, I just don't know..  
  When I see this muddy river, I realize just how much rain has fallen in the past few weeks.  
  Finally I'm past my next to last state line and for that I am thankful.  
  There are some pretty wildflowers that grace the roadside which breaks the monotony of droning on the slab a little bit.  
  And the wind seems to have died down some so I'm not as wore out when I take a break today.  
  I have a 'sort of breakfast' but I've learned on the road you just have to play the hand that is dealt you. At least the bread on this sandwich is not stale and hard like the last one I had. And the Mounds bars help to smooth over the whole deal.  
  As I move through Arkansas I see this impressive monument to something. I just hope it is a monument to the Lord Jesus Christ and not to some man's religious ambition.  
  As I travel across the country, I am always encouraged when I see my flag flown in plain display.  
  I do notice that I40 seems to have become a heavy truck corridor much like I81 that runs up into the Northeast.  
  When I look up ahead, it doesn't look good as the smoke appears to be coming from the Interstate.  
  Soon my fears are confirmed as I40 just about shuts down in front of me.  
  Fortunately for me and those behind me, the state troopers are directing us off the next exit and onto secondary roads. Those past the exit are doomed to sit there for along time as a semi has turned over and caught on fire. It's not going to be a good day for those truckers caught in the mess.  
  Soon I'm back on I40 again and I see a very familiar sign. From here, I can count down the mile markers to the Holler.  

Finally I'm off I40 and down Charlotte to my beloved Holler. Lady Bug is there to greet me as always. And as always, she says -

"Hey, Dad did you bring me any biscuits?"

When I tell her 'no', you can see her reaction as she sticks her tongue out at me.


It's been 13 days and 6,700+ miles since I left but I have done a ride that I've talked about for years. I've once again seen what the real America looks like and I have memories that will last a lifetime. And as I say


"Memories Are The Only Things We Get To Keep."