Highway 6 2021

Day 02

June 22

  At least breakfast is a no brainer since the diner is open 24 hours. It's back across the street for some more mighty fine eating.  
  It sure looks like it's gonna be one of those rainy days all day long. So I suit up before I hit the road - and I ain't far from wrong.  
  As you travel distances, you'll often 'outrun' a weather system for a while. It now lightens up but I believe I'll 'stay in the bag'.  

When I ride up in the Northeast, I usually route through the Water Gap to avoid the big cities. It's nice, peaceful ride and usually there is not much traffic.

  But then it's back to slab and I finally make my grand entrance into Connecticut. This is one of the state line signs that I got years ago for SweetTreat.  
  I always enjoy the amazing architecture in the old inner cities and I am really glad when those works of art are preserved and not torn down to put in a parking lot.  
  Up ahead I see a sign telling me how to get to two places I don't want to go. I've spent more time in both of those that I wanted already during my business career. And fortunately I left nothing in either one of them that I have to go back after.  
  With the the rain, traffic, and rough roads I am mighty glad to finally see this sign. It's not been a real long ride as far as miles go. But on a motorcycle the real measure is saddle time and mental and physical effort not mileage. There's a world of difference riding pleasant back road or an empty interstate versus stop and go traffic where most drivers are not paying attention to driving.  
  Next door is chain restaurant that will work just fine for me. I try to book a motel where at least one meal is within walking distance and a fuel stop is on the way in. Google Earth has been a tremendous help in researching stopping places to 'see' what is around them.  
  I'm not a big seafood eater as such, but since I'm close to the ocean, I figure it should be a little fresher than what I can get back home. My joke in Tennessee is if a local restaurant advertises 'fresh seafood' that just means it was fresh at one time.  
  The food is good, but the dessert is even better. You may find this hard to believe at this point, but I really do like chocolate ...  
  In fact, I want to lick out the bowl but I think better of it. So I wear it out with my spoon.  
  It's but a short walk back to my room where I study the maps again to get in my head where the Highway 6 'start' sign is located. Tomorrow will be the beginning of what will prove to be quite an adventure in more ways than one. With a full belly, the skin stretches down over my eyes and I'm off on more peaceful journey.