Highway 6 2021

Day 03

June 23

  Since I figure I'll be in heavy traffic all day, I'm out early headed toward the Bourne Bridge - holder of the American Institute of Steel Construction's Class "A" Award of Merit as the "Most Beautiful Steel Bridge" in 1934. It is a gateway to Cape Cod where Highway 6 begins. But it seems that a lot of other folks have the same idea as I do.  
  Once I get across it, I guess this means I am 'officially' in Cape Cod. This is one of many roundabouts or traffic circles that I will encounter. I quickly come to the conclusion that most folks do not know what to do with them anymore than they know how to deal with a lane merge. Maybe it has something to do with the 'me first' attitude of so many people and they haven't figured out that everybody can't be 'me first'.  
  The views are very pretty as I make my way out to the end of the Cape where Provincetown, known locally as 'P-Town' is located.  
  When I see this sign, I know I am nearing the start of Highway 6 and I should see the sign around here somewhere.  
  I studied the pictures before the trip so I know what I am looking for. Sure enough, I find it and fortunately I can easily park SweetTreat and get my 'start' picture. What I find strange is that there is no 'start' sign on this end of Highway 6, just this 'end' sign on the incoming lanes not the outgoing lanes. I guess signage must be pretty expensive and they couldn't afford two signs.  
  I make a quick run down to the traffic circle on the outskirts of P-Town which supposedly was the 'original' beginning. On the way out I enjoy viewing the ocean marshes ...  
  and the various lagoons along the way.  
  Soon I see the first of many of these 'official' signs that I will see in the next seven days.  
  As I make my way west, I come across this sign about not passing ...  
  and they are dead serious about it as they have put up a barrier and markers to insure that you don't.  
  I appreciate the 'nicer' attitude most people have for the armed forces now, as I will often see recognition of the armed forces like this on my various travels. But I personally remember quite well that is was not that way if you were in uniform during the Vietnam conflict - whether you had served in Vietnam or not.  
  I take a second look as I am moving along - wondering what a Dutch windmill is doing out here. But I have seen them in stranger places to be sure.  
  I will find that Highway 6 runs alongside many rivers as it meanders across the country.  
  It also shares its route with many national, state and local highways.  
  It goes through small villages like Wareham ...  
  some with imposing town halls and some with not so much.  
  New England communities tend to have lovely old church buildings in them like this one ...  
  and other imposing structures back when building was more of an art that a science and people took pride in their work..  
  And now and then you come across some that are not so imposing but still interesting like this nice piece of stonework build to look like a lighthouse.  
  On Highway 6 in the northeast, you'll see old rows houses ...  
  to old imposing manses like this ....  
  plus tons of traffic lights which make the journey often much less pleasant.  
  It's been a bit of a tough slog through a bunch of small villages that each have way more traffic lights than a feller could ever need. So it's time for a fuel and food break as breakfast was not an option this morning.  
  It looks like breakfast is a couple of croissants on a wood pile but they are not half bad for convenience store fare. At least they heat them up for me which I think is a nice gesture.  
  When I get back one the road, the scenery is constantly changing from pretty lakes ...  
  to dense forests ....  
  to tucking under an old railroad bridge.  
  As I make my way westward, I find the various 'versions' of the church steeple to be quite interesting. This one seems sort of light and airy to me.  
  This is quite imposing with its two story design.  
  This one is more like what I see in the area I came from.  
  And then there's just the plain Jane ones - not so fancy but they still serve their purpose..  
  And some make you wonder if the top blew off somewhere along life's way.  
  I see houses that just catch my eye like this stone mansion that looks like more of a fortress than a house.  
  With Highway 6 you'll be out on a rural road ...  
  then on the slab before you know it ...  
  and sometimes it's even triplets.  
  When I approach this junction, once again I see a display of appreciation for the armed services and the flag of this country. For all our divisions within, the United States still gets an awful lot of stuff 'right' and does a lot of good for the world.  
  One thing I have noticed in my travels is many small towns and villages now post pictures of those who have served in the military. I see ones from World War I, World War II, the Korean Conflict and Vietnam. Unless we remember our history and the sacrifices that were made by the men and women in uniform, we will not appreciate what we have and we will lose it.  
  Some of Highway 6 takes you along some twisties and then ...  
  over a suspension bridge reminiscent of the Golden Gate on a lesser scale.  
  When I pass this sign, I wonder if I made a wrong turn somewhere cause it sure don't look like Florida to me ...  
  Highway 6 is also known as the 'Gateway to Pennsylvania' at this spot.  
  Most of the small towns I pass through always have at least one or two interesting old buildings or houses along the way.  
  The road begins to open up as I leave the traffic light kingdom behind me.  
  The small towns and villages are much farther apart along Highway 6 in Pennsylvania - and for that I am very thankful.  
  The mountains remind me a lot of East Tennessee back home, especially the Cumberland Escarpment.  
  It's been a pretty rough day on the old hands with all the stop and go, so I am ready for the motel today. It's in kind of a strange location but it is supposed to have a restaurant on premise which works for me.  

There are no rooms with outside access (which I prefer) and no rooms overlooking the parking lot. But the dear lady behind the desk tells me -

"You can park right there near the front door. There's a security camera pointed right at that spot and we can see it all night long."

She even holds up the security tape so I can get SweetTreat past it. I thank her very much and get SweetTreat bedded down for the evening.

  It's a pub style restaurant but they do a pretty good job with burgers and fries - and I don't have to walk very far to partake.  
  It's been a short on miles day, but long in the saddle day and it has taken it's toll on me physically and mentally. When my head hits the pillow it's like falling off a cliff and I don't know when I hit bottom.