Highway 6 2021

Day 06

June 26

  This morning is a rainy old morning so I go ahead and put on my rain gear as there is no clearing in sight.  
  The rain slacks up some which I appreciate and I wonder if it washed all the traffic away while it was at it.  
  It looks reasonably clear up ahead but I'm rolling now. If it proves to be clearing up, I can come 'out of the bag' at my next gas stop.  
  Another thing I notice is how many places highway 6 and the railroad do a side by side dance. I wonder which came first - the highway or the railroad.  
  On my journey, I cross many interesting bridges and this one goes right up there on the list. Nothing like being functional as well as ornamental.  
  Sometimes it is a difficult choice as the 'historical' route of Highway 6 may vary from the 'current' route of Highway 6. If you pursue the historical version you can run out signs and get off route because they decided not to mark it or the road ends in this section without warning.  
But often they are one in the same as is the case here.  
  And sometimes all three versions of the sign are in agreement.  
  Often Highway 6 takes me by memorials that honor those who served in the military. This quotes the familiar truth - "All Gave Some, Some Gave All". What folks don't sometimes understand is that when you join the military, you put your life on the line and on hold. You've committed to going where they say go and doing what they say do - and that is no small sacrifice. I speak from personal experience as I served in the USMC from 1971 through 1973.  
  I pay particular attention to the quality of product and services in convenience stores when I am on the road. In this part of the world, I find that Kum & Go usually exhibit qood quality and a well run operation.  
  Breakfast is a brisket sandwich and an apple fritter. And it has a 'sit down' where they have kept the area very clean. Pretty good for a convenience store in my experience.  
  As I get back to the business at hand I pass by this interesting old bank building falling into disrepair. I reckon in the past, it was the tradition to build bank buildings to look substantial and secure like this one. I hope it is rescued before it collapses from its own weight.  
  This bit of particular architectural style seems a bit out of place in the middle of Iowa but then again I may be the feller out of place.  
  Sometimes Highway 6 is a peaceful tree lined boulevard ...  
  then a two-lane run out through the countryside ...  
  then it jumps back on the slab ...  
  and like somebody who can't make up their mind it goes back through a small town.  
  But to the weather it's all the same and this looks like the bottom is fixin to fall out.  
  I always look up ahead before I decide to gear up instead of off to the side. It looks like there is some blue if I don't get sliced up by the modern windmills.  
  I figure a wise man always plans for the worse and hopes for the best - that way you are ready which ever way the mop flops.  
  As I pass through this I have to figure that some poor taxpayers got their whiskers shaved and their wallets downsized paying for this 'work of art' - if that's what it is.  
  As I get closer to my abode for the evening, Highway 6 takes me right through the innards of Omaha.  
  Soon I arrive safely at my Super 8 for the evening and get checked in.  

There's restaurant close by but the gentleman who checks me in says that there are better options if I'm willing to walk a little bit. I am and I do and decide that this place will work just fine as it is one of the ones that he recommended. My question is always -

"Do you eat there?"

and he does so it should be fine.


My server is great and I warn him -

"I drink water like a thirsty camel."

He says "Not a problem" and he brings me a whole pitcher which I really appreciate.

  The food is really good as it's been a long time since my apple fritter and such.  
  The only challenge is that the walk back to my room is all uphill one which is always a challenge with a full stomach and a hot evening. But it is not an uphill walk to find that place where my mind goes quiet and my breathing gets slow.