Highway 6 2021

Day 07

June 27


As I am packing up SweetTreat, getting ready to go, I see a lady taking her little dog out for a walk. I love dogs and always have as my momma once said -

"If I couldn't find you when you were little, I'd look for a pack of dogs. You'd be sitting in the middle of 'em petting as many as you could."

A dog will love you when nobody else will, they don't ask you how much you spent when you go shopping, and they are always glad to see you.

I hold my hand out to the little thing, and she immediately recognizes it as the hand of a professional dog petter. She tells me -

"I'll give you thirty minutes to stop petting me" or at least that is what I understood her to say.

Her human tells me of some of her troubles. Her husband left, her children left and now all she has is this dog. I encourage her as best I can realizing that poor dog has a heavy burden to carry on her small shoulders.

  I do not realize it until I see this sign, but Highway 6 will take me right past the world famous Boys Town - a refuge for many young boys with no hope and no home.  
  I see their 'marker' as I ride on by and can see some of their facilities in the distance.  
  Then I'm back out in the open country again where the air is just a bit clearer and so is the road.  
  I see something that makes me look twice - a lighthouse. Turns out it was erected in 1939 as part of a rock quarry turned into a lake and beach resort with an interesting history.  
  Moving on toward Lincoln, I see a different sort of Highway 6 sign than I've seen before.  
  Today, Highway 6 serves up a great variety of scenery. Sometimes it goes through small towns...  
  sometimes though the middle of nowhere and take a left ...  
  sometimes past fields that stretch as far as you can see ...  
  and sometimes through towns with interesting names like Friend ...  
  or The Christmas City ...  
  or named after a Native American Tribe.  
  I see another one of those three armed bandits looking for something to devour with a buddy waiting just down the road for any leftovers ...  
  As I pass by Pioneer Village, it looks as if it's seen better days. It was probably a major tourist attraction when Highway 6 was the main road in this area. But sadly the interstate is a far piece away and folks probably don't come this way any more unless they're local or lost.  
  This section of Highway 6 reminds me of really long wooden roller coaster with its ups and downs like they used to have at the state fairs.  
  Off to my right I see a Cross and a sign that proclaims 'Jesus saves'. And He does, and He keeps, and He encourages and He protects His Own.  
Some things you see make you sort of scratch your head and this is one of them. I wonder what this was built for as there appears to be no windows and only one door.  

Then you see things that not only make you scratch your head but ask the question -

"How and why?"

  When I was growing up, I worked for a feller that hauled hay for the public. As a worker, I got paid a penny a bale - which wasn't bad if the barn was close and the bales were not heavy. But these hay bales laid out in military precision are far larger compared to the square ones that we hoisted on the truck which sometimes could weight close to a hundred pounds.  
  Finally I cross my last state line for the day.  
  But I find this part of Colorado does not really look much different that Nebraska that I just left - not that it would or should.  
  I ain't liking what I see off to my right cause when the clouds trail to the ground, it usually means lots of liquid sunshine.  
But there is still some blue up ahead so I figure I'll take my chances.  
  Well, taking your chances has its chances and about ten minutes from the motel the bottom falls out. I'm in heavy traffic and there's no place to pull off so I get a nice bath with my clothes on. I can feel my boots filling up with water cause this a real frog drowner. When I pull up and go inside, I'm dripping water like a dog that can't shake it off.  
I booked this particular motel because there is a Perkins in the parking lot and I'm fine with them for supper and breakfast. But my hopes are dashed when I see it has been shut for quite a while.  
  The only other option is a Wendys across the street - but their lobby closed and only the drive-thru is open and I'm on foot. So, I imagine myself to be a 'car' and go through the drive-in. I must have been pretty convincing as I have no trouble getting service.  
  I've got wet stuff hanging all over the place in hopes that it will be dry by in the morning. But much greater challenges will face me tomorrow than I could ever imagine.