History 2019

Day 03

May 18

  It's out early to get Frost ready for the run home. After looking at the options last night, we decide the best way is 127 south to the Louie B Nunn Parkway then over to I65.  
  But our first stop is the Red Rooster Cafe, recommended by our server for a good breakfast. And I do love a good breakfast!  
  It's a local place and it's nice to hit a local place for change up from Bob Evans and the Cracked Barrel.  
  Their hot chocolate definitely passes the taste test, but then I'm not too picky as long as it's chocolate!  
  Their menu has tempted me beyond my ability to resist, so I order up gravy and biscuits to go along with my tenderloin, eggs, and taters.  
  I must say it is pretty tasty as I am tempted to lick the plate. But I fear if do, my Sissy would probably smack me like any good older sister should do for such behavior.  

As we settle up at the front desk, I take notice (and a picture) of their signs.

  With enough good grub stashed away for the arduous journey, we are on the journey through Corbin proper and back out to highway 127.  
  Highway 127 is a nice back road that takes us through some small towns and occasionally has a few sweepers along the way.  
Soon we are on the Louie B. Dunn Parkway which is a quiet four lane that will take us to I65. But it's not too quiet for long as a semi up ahead can't quite figure out which lane, if any, they want to be in. I don't know if the driver is sleepy, drunk, drugged, on his laptop or texting. One minute the truck is hitting the racket strips on the right, the next minute it's splitting the center line, and then it's bobbing to the left shoulder. I cautiously get close and when I get a shot, blow by the truck when it swings to the right.
  With that behind us, we all manage to make it to I65 without any further drama. And for that we are very thankful.  
  When we pull into Bowling Green for our final gas stop, a rider pulls up on this specially modified Harley. I walk over and talk with him a bit. It turns out he is a 'veteran of the sandbox' as he says and was wounded in action. His left foot does not work properly to operate the foot shift, so he came up with this ingenious idea. With the stick shifter (sort of like the way old Harleys used to operate), he hung the clutch master cylinder and lever on the stick. That way when he pulls the stick to shift, he can pull in the clutch lever at the same time.  
  We decide before we leave here that we will split up instead of staying together like we've done for trip. With the crazy, heavy traffic, it would be too hard to try to even stay in sight of each other.  

I make it back to the Holler where the Lady Bug, in deep expectation of proper biscuit offering greets me. I tell her -

"Well, I know what you are expecting and you are more excited about getting a biscuit than you are seeing me. But it just so happens that I did save you one from breakfast this morning."

With that bit of news, she thanks me with a lovely howl and devours the love offering in a short nanosecond.


It's hot and I'm tired, so I remove what needs to be removed from Frost for washing and such and make my way into our nice air conditioned house.

  It's been a great trip so far and I am excited at the prospect of continuing on Monday with the two other Musketeers.