History 2019

Day 04

May 19


It's a quiet Sunday where I will spend a good part of the day at my church with family and dear friends. We are a very small congregation and when one of us is missing there is a place of service that goes empty. God allowed us to build our church by faith with no major outside contributions or indebtedness in the process. At the zoning meeting we had to go to in the start of the process, one of the commissioners asked me incredulously -

"You are going to build a church building with that few people?"

My response to him was simple -

"No sir, we are not. But God is" and He did to His Glory and Honor. We wanted a church building that looked like church and not a place of entertainment. We are located at a major intersection of two highways and there are very few people that don't know where we are located. And those that do know, know we are a church where the Bible is taught and preached..

  I'm also in charge of changing the sign and I remember it will not be long before that rolls around.  
  I am also the adult bible teacher and piano player, so I try not to be gone too many Sundays. I've had the privilege of playing this 1901 Steinway Grand for the many years that I have been a member. I've played a lot of pianos since I started, but nothing compares to the feel and the sound of an old Steinway.  
  Our church is place of learning Biblical truths and time well spent with people who love you just as you are. I know that everyone in this building prays for my safety when I'm on one of my trips and that gives me great comfort. It's a good Sunday among friends and as the sun goes down, I am so thankful to be a part of this good work.