Newfoundland 2022

Day 04

July 17

  Another good thing in addition to unlimited long distance phone calls is they include a real pigs meat and hen fruit breakfast in the price of the room. All things seem to be shut down on Sunday around here so I take my time to enjoy my meal.  
  I figure if I can get a UHaul rental truck I will need tie down straps for SweetTreat. There happens to be a Canadian Tire (similar to a Tractor Supply in the States) a good walk away from the hotel. I really don't have anything else to do with myself so I light out for it.  
  They do have the straps, so I get a set of four of them and some trail mix to munch. I took the 'safe and sane' long way to get here, but I realize I can see the motel directly across the four lane from where I stand. I may have to do some offroading and high speed car dodging but it will be a lot less walking so I'm gonna give it a shot. I manage to get across all four lanes when there is a break in the traffic and now it gets really interesting. It's a bit of climb down ...  
  and a bit of a climb up but then what's that compared to what I've already been through so far.  
  I look back over where I've just hiked and I am awful glad I took the 'short way'.  
  On a chance I call the UHaul number though I know they are closed on Sunday. I get a answer and they promise me the truck is mine if there is not another reservation for it in the system. Then I get call from the front desk that I have a visitor. Andy, who is coming all the way from BC to Newfoundland has heard about my plight and has stopped by. What a blessing and an encouragement to have some company in the midst of my troubles. He has not had lunch so we decide we'll hike down to the local Subway shop. Not only does he provide me some good company, he buys me lunch. He also gives me some good ideas about if the rental truck does not have tie down bars as sometimes they don't on the smaller trucks. But he has a ferry to catch, so I give him a big hug and he is on his way and I am left to tend to my knitting.  
  And thanks to his generosity, I get most of my supper out of the deal since I saved half of my sandwich from lunch.  
The UHaul company calls me back and assures me that they will reserve the truck for me which is great news. With that situation seemingly taken care of, I fall into a not so sound sleep.