Newfoundland 2022

Day 05

July 18

  I am scheduled to pick up the truck at 9:30 AM this morning but I am up way early as is my usual custom. I am wondering what to do with myself but at least it appears that it will be sunny day.  
  I figure I might as well eat breakfast since I can't sing and I can't dance and it's too windy to haul rocks.  
  It is still pretty early, but I figure I'll be sitting at the UHaul place when they open. So I check out of my room after I call a cab and they are there shortly to retrieve me. Maybe I'll get away a little earlier than planned which will be good considering I've got to get loaded, I have a border crossing and over 700 miles to cover before my head hits the pillow.  
  It's a short ride to the UHaul place so I'm now on to the next step of my adventure.  
  The truck is sitting there and for that I am really thankful. I open the back up and it fortunately has tie down bars. If it didn't, my plan was to stop at the local WalMart and get pillows or a mattress to lay SweetTreat down on.  
  I've already called Tri-County Towing and told them about what time I will be there. Once I arrive they get me and poor SweetTreat loaded back on the flatbed so we can roll right into the UHaul without a fuss.  

I ask them to cinch her down since they have a lot more experience at it than me. (She will never move in over 1,800 miles of some pretty rough pavement.) I tell them -

"Let me get your picture. Just think - you'll be world famous now!"

  Soon I'm back on the long road to the Holler with SweetTreat secured behind me.  
  I pass by the same set of windmills that I did coming in and I still don't like they way they spoil the view.  
  When I cross the border from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick, the flags remind me that Nova Scotia means 'New Scotland' as their flag closely resembles the flag of Scotland.  
  It's long journey to where I'm headed, but at least we are now on the way.  
  The fog has settled in the harbor as I pass through Saint John.  
  I decide to take Highway 1 all the way to the bigger US border crossing rather than the Milltown one I used coming in. I have no trouble at all other than I have to open the truck so the agent can check my cargo. He happens to be a motorcyclist also so we have a nice short discussion about places we've ridden and what has happened to me on this trip.  
  At last I am in Maine but it's still 'a long way to Tipperary' from here.  
  Highway 9 is deserted this morning on the way to Bangor and for that I am thankful.  
  Once I get to the slab, the bottom falls out. But at least I don't have to stop and put my rain suit on.  
  When I finally arrive at the Travelodge in Brattleboro Vermont, I find that their computer is down. Then the clerk goes into this strange dialog about drug use not allowed, the room is not my home, yada, yada, yada - all in a monotone voice and never cracking a smile. It all seems like a sketch right out of an old "Laugh-In" show, but she appears to be very serious. So I figure I must be in one of the less 'desirable' places in town. But I came to spend the night not a lifetime, so I just make sure I've got the back and the front of the UHaul locked tight just in case.  
  When I get to my room I recognize this as a former Motel 6. And I remember why I don't use them any more unless I have no other choices.  
  On the way, I figured I would be getting in real late, so I grabbed a sandwich, chips and a drink for supper at my last fuel stop. With nourishment taken care of, I fold up like nickel card table and drift off into a tired sleep.